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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

go raid the kids craft box!!

pipe cleaners!! who knew?! i have been trying to decide how to wrap my presents this year. i wanted chic and i needed easy. Then one of my favorite magazines showed up today... ReadyMade...have you heard of it? it's a DIY magazine with very cool ideas...

i am totally doing this. i think i'll use kraft paper and silver pipecleaners.

What do you think? Want to see more?


some of our favorite decorations....

sweet little bird

vintage style tin canisters...4 different styes and size...set them in the kitchen or under the tree

love this for a couples first Christmas together

and this for baby's first

more vintage! 7x10 tin prints...same as the canisters

a true collectable for all Santa fans

turquoise and a cross...gotta love that!

set of 2 felted mittens...
hang them on a door knob...or hang as stockings...they are great for gift bags

  ..and that is just SOME of our favorites

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Save the Date

One month from today!! It's that time. The winter Who Let the girls Out is Nov 6th. I love the winter WLTGO because it is when we debut Christmas..so its a super fun way to start the season off. FYI...I am lovin what we have been receiving. Super cute!

For those of you who have not been to a WLTGO then  here is the scoop. Its a Shop Hop that includes eight GREAT stores. GRAB a passport at your first shop, have it STAMPED at each shop, then TURN IN for a chance to WIN eight different prizes. Okay that's the "rules"...let's talk more about the FUN!

At each shop you will find a party going on....food...drinks....and lots of local love. We have a surpise gift this year we are excited to share with you.  Here at Shanty we will also be having a gift with purchase.

I am going to do another post soon giving you a little more info on the other seven stores. It is an awsome group with a great variety.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Twist of Autumn

Please Come...It will be so much fun!!

Its time to get cozy with fall...ready or not. We are going to have a fabulous party!!

Here is why we think you'll love it...

We will have tons of brand new items for your

find something special to start the nesting season.

 coats and sweaters that may make you a little more excited for the cold...really!


We will be sampling many of our seasonal food items, a perfect time to try them out so you can have them on hand for the next few months of entertaining.

and best of all...


For our Twisted fans this is a great chance to be able to see and purchase from a much larger selection than we have ever had in the store. We will be bringing in almost the entire line for this special event.

For those who are wondering "twisted what??" ...Twisted Silver is our most popular jewelry line. Once you buy one piece you are hooked! It's funky yet classic enough that it will become your go to piece. 

These are mine...
 Phatty bracelet
Tapestry bracelet

by themselves...and together.

What is your favorite??

go to http://www.twisted-silver.com/  to see why we LOVE them so much!
they look even better in hand. Promise.

Lastly, for one final reason to come


for every Twisted piece you purchase you will have a chance to win a pair
of earrings...Twisted of course...cool

See you on the 25th!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wishin I Had a Coffee Table in My Kitchen

What is it about cookbooks? Beautiful Cookbooks? I know it's just not me!! How many of you love them...whether you ever make a recipe out of it or not? They inspire us to cook how we would love to if we had time. They accessorize our kitchen showing off our domestic personalities...again whether we actually use it or not. Look at your collection....does it tell your domestic goddess story?

We are receiving so many wonderful cookbooks at the the store that it's hard not to get a little happy with Fall. School starts, schedules start, and we gather around the table a little bit more. We have books for soups, slowcookers, casseroles, and baking everything.

I am loving them all but I am so excited about 2 newly published ones that really are just so great looking. Somewhat rustic...wholesome...made from scratch...earthy....

DIY Delicious
"Recipes and Ideas for Simple Food from Scratch"

for the Urban Farmer at heart....

Make jams, granola, and pickles in a snap. Take your time and make cheeses and yogurt with pure flavor. You can even learn to brew your own rootbeer (and be the coolest mom on the block). Bake breads and crackers to pair with your Fig-Rosemary Jam and Persimmon-Spiced Butter.

Wholesome Kitchen
"delicious recipes with beans, lentils, grains and other natural foods"

This book inspires me to do just that!

Maybe I will try this Carrot & Lenil Dip for the "Twist of Autumn"
Shanty party on the 25th.

Come in and see the great selection. Grab a coffee, sit in our comfy orange chairs and browse them all.
Get Inspired!

Monday, July 12, 2010

and the winners are....

congratulations Marcee Oster!! she won the drawing for attending and purchasing something at the party. thanks Marcee for coming! hope you enjoy your stylish lunch tote/cooler and all the goodies inside.

and the winner of the $25 gift card for commenting on our blog is.........HOLLY!  from the Funky Junk Show ...thanks Holly for following us, your giftcard is here waiting for you! btw...if you haven't gone to a Funky Junk Show...you should...fun! fun!

thanks to all of you who came, commented, and emailed me. i love feedback...really!...so please feel free to email me maggie@shantyboutique.com anytime.

also, many of you requested the recipe for the sangria we were serving at the party...we are not surprised..it is delicious and authentic! thanks Megan for passing it on!!

1/2 cup brandy
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/3 cup frozen lemonade concentrate
1/3 cup orange juice
1 (750 milliliter) bottle of dry red wine
1/2 cup triple sec (or peach schnapps)
1 lemon, sliced into rounds
1 orange, sliced into rounds
1 lime, sliced into rounds
8 maraschino cherries
add before serving 2 cups of gingerale

in a large pitcher or bowl, mix everything together except the ginger ale. refridgerate and let sit overnight for best flavor. add ginger ale just before serving. makes 6 cups.

if you are making for a large group or party it multiplies easily. to fill up the large glass container we had at the party we multiplied by 5.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

It was Pinkalicious!!

i am truly blessed....

i am honored that so many of you came...you came locally...and from far away...you changed your schedules....you made our birthday part of your vacation...
i always feel bad that i can't spend more time talking with each one of you. at the end of the day as i am driving home...i am humbled by all your kind words and support...every single one of you...even if i seem a bit dazed!!

me, kenny, alex, melanie, cora..princess in training, and joni
mo and angela are missing...i think they were sneaking some cupcakes....

thank you to the shanty team...you guys were amazing

We were "pinked out" for sure

beach shorts anyone?
hit of the party...new treat lip balm tubes...jumbo size...little girl flavors with big girl ingedients...all natural and yummz!
kenny taking a break enjoying the treats that melanie made....talk about yummy...these were over the top good! I think her fingers are stained pink forever after making 200 mini cupcakes!

my very, very special customers...visiting all the way from california
aunt kris, me, gramie jean, cuz katie...love you guys!

check back this week to find out the winners of the drawings that we did.
i will also post the recipe for the sangrias that we served and many of you requested


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Seeing Pink?

As you may know Shanty loves to throw a party!!  We are excited to be able to say we are almost 2! It doesn't seem like it's been that long.....well sometimes it has...hahaha!

Obviously we could not be 2 without YOU, but REALLY!!! We could NOT!
Thank you so much for your friendships and support.
This Birthday Bash is for YOU.

You'll be Seeing Pink we promise! I wish we could all wear Tutus and Tiarras, that would be so much fun!!! There will be Party Games, Prizes, Hand Massages,  and of course lots of Tasty Treats...and as the invite says "Tasty Drinks after 4". We are staying open till 7ish so that any of you who are a little farther away can make it...What a great way to start off your long 4th of July weekend.

One prize starts here! Leave a comment with your name and phone number below** and you'll be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card. Tell us anything....your favorite purchase, what you would love to see more of.....OR tell me what is your closet craving RIGHT NOW!

Okay...we'll see you Thursday with or without your party dress on!

xoxo Shanty

**you may also email your comment maggie@shantyboutique.com  

New Sugarboo

Funny thing about my house and I....my walls are very bare. It takes a lot for me to committ to put something up. I am not an art collector by any means but for me if it goes up on the wall I have to adore it! It HAS to speak to me. What I do have ranges from garage sale and flea market finds, Shanty loves and photographs of my family
This is my first splurge.....
I love this!! Its cool, it's different....it goes with my vintage industrial stlye.

Well if I love it I have to bring it to the Shanty....

So welcome Sugarboo Designs and all your coolness. I hope you find some new homes and make some walls really happy!!
I've seen this in a lot of magazines. Doesn't everyone have a story about this song?
Mine?....My grammie loved to sing it....
24x24 White Canvas Down Filled Pillows
What GREAT words

Now for a sampling of more SugarBoo designs that we can order for you....

Wouldn't this be great for your bedroom or a children's room?

That is all we need..... 

This comes in black too

In the kitchen? It reminds me of how we should feel after our first  cup of coffee.

another one for a childrens room.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Faces at the Shanty

My dear friends Melanie and Rushelle have been with the Shanty since the beginning. Beginning, meaning in my basement opening up the first boxes of inventory (I believe it was our Voluspa candles). I have been blessed to call them friends. I know without a doubt this last year and a half would not have been nearly as much fun without them. Both are loyal, calm, warm-hearted women and they've been a great balance to my crazy, scattered personality. We have been an amazing team. Melaine is the smarty pants in charge of book stuff (YUCK!) and operations.  Rushelle is the store organizer (cleaning up after my tornado ways) and the assistant buyer (my helper).

Well.....we knew about nine months ago that Melaine was going to leave the Shanty floor when she had her little baby.
Congratulations!! Cora Grace arrived March 31st. Isn't she beautiful?!

Thankfully, Melanie is still staying behind the scenes and doing all that book stuff...plus a secret project we're working on.  So keep your eyes out for her, you may catch a glimpse.

Rushelle....well she left last week to start working at a job she could not turn down..rrrrrrrr. I am terribly sad ...but know truly that change is almost always good. I know I will see her plenty and I have already made her promise to work Who Let the Girls Out?

Rushelle's last day...doing the thing we love to do after we close...yes we've been crying...the smiley pictures we tried for just weren't good at all..

I know you will miss seeing both of them. I think they will miss us too....

So who will be here when you come visit?

A new team I am really excited about! Mackenzie, who has been with us for almost a year now and is turning into a little fashionista. Alex, who started drinking coffee just to be good at making it...you go girl! And Angela, who thought she was only going to be an on-call fill in...but now we have her!
So come see us...we can't wait to see you!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shanty is Spring Cleaning

Making Room for Spring's new goodies.

Patio Sale

Fri 19th to Sat 20th

25-75% off

Fri. 19th treats and sipps from 4-6

*check out our blog for changes if the weather does not cooperate.