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Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Sugarboo

Funny thing about my house and I....my walls are very bare. It takes a lot for me to committ to put something up. I am not an art collector by any means but for me if it goes up on the wall I have to adore it! It HAS to speak to me. What I do have ranges from garage sale and flea market finds, Shanty loves and photographs of my family
This is my first splurge.....
I love this!! Its cool, it's different....it goes with my vintage industrial stlye.

Well if I love it I have to bring it to the Shanty....

So welcome Sugarboo Designs and all your coolness. I hope you find some new homes and make some walls really happy!!
I've seen this in a lot of magazines. Doesn't everyone have a story about this song?
Mine?....My grammie loved to sing it....
24x24 White Canvas Down Filled Pillows
What GREAT words

Now for a sampling of more SugarBoo designs that we can order for you....

Wouldn't this be great for your bedroom or a children's room?

That is all we need..... 

This comes in black too

In the kitchen? It reminds me of how we should feel after our first  cup of coffee.

another one for a childrens room.



  1. ummm hello... these are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i haven't seen many of these before.. swooning....

  2. I love these, already planning on where several of these will go in my new casa. :) Thanks for doing the ground work and finding us this cool stuff to accessorize our homes.

  3. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE SUGARBOO! I already own 2 art prints and am stalking a few more. Anyone see any discount codes/promotions for Sugarboo?