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Friday, December 6, 2013

You're officially invited to Shanty's Dude Night.

On Wednesday, DECEMBER 18, we're inviting you over for an ultra cool shopping session. From 4-8pm, we'll be offering complimentary gift wrapping, gift-basket making and food and drink you're sure to love. This might be the easiest gift-buying experience you've ever had. You can thank us later.

Pssssst... before the 18th, make sure the loved ones in your life download a wishlist (or stop by the shop) and fill it out for us so we'll know exactly where to direct you in the shop.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wish List Download

Don't forget to fill out your Shanty Wish List for all the Santas in your life. Just fill it in with your favorite items (plus colors and sizes) and we'll mail it to your loved ones. Postage on us! Or, you can take it with you to post somewhere obvious. He, he. Of course we can keep it on file at the store too so anyone who wants to know ...can!  (Download it to jump start the wishing.) See? Making your wish list come true this season is easy at Shanty.