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Friday, February 11, 2011

70's sophisticate...what i am craving!

like most of you i am ready to shed the winter blahs and clothes. i want spring and all it has to offer...sunshine...blooming colors...and wide leg denim!! yes you heard me WIDE LEG DENIM!! 70's sophisticate is my new obsession! can i tell you how this happen?

i go to market next week for spring and fall buying. so i have been really watching what the trends are and how that will transcend to us. i am certainly not over the top trendy so i really pay attenion when i start craving something. the spring report says the skinny has become such a basic (this means it is NOT going away...more on them later) that the designers had to go the other way to change it up and get a whole new look. skinny to wide...makes sense right? yes wide legs were done a couple of years ago but much more full/slouchy/baggy...sloppy. this season it's a cooler sillouette...slimmer in the upper legs getting fuller just above the knees or lower...with a nice size flare. 70's sophisticate ...WHAT DO YOU THINK?

p.s. hint..hint...hint...THE shoe of the season? check out the pictures...chunky, wood, platform sandals and clogs. Get the clogs and you can wear this fresh spring look right now...BONUS!


Friday, February 4, 2011

GUEST BLOG: Happy Heart Day is almost here!

Hi Shanty-lovers!

My name's Megan Clark and I co-own hifrienddesign.com (You might know us by the cheeky wine bags you've seen at Shanty: 'lush' 'booze hound' and 'you're a hot mess'? Ring a bell?)...but most importantly, I'm a Shanty-lover, too, and have been for years. Maggie and I have been working on the boutique's brand since the beginning. I'm so honored to have been a part of the process and love how it's ever changing and growing.

Anyway. Maggie's asked me to guest blog today, so I have a teaser for you all for Valentine's Day. Myself and Kirsten Nieman of Restored Style worked up a little DIY project that we want to share (My business buddy, Jennifer, would have lent a hand too, but she was off cavorting in New Zealand - lucky duck!). It involves a little printing, cutting, crafting, baking....and then gifting!

Without further ado....

Happy Friday! Since Valentine's Day is around the corner, we've whipped up FREE, downloadable labels. There are five different labels and each can be used in a variety of ways.

 Each download includes instructions, tips and chic cards that double as a gift tag.  
Click, download, print, and craft!
Here are a few ways to use the labels/tags:
Clear Paint Can (complete with stacked cookies/brownies)
Clear/Heart-Patterned Cellophane Bags (filled with candy corn/sweethearts)
Mini Brown Bags (filled with homemade truffles -- or even better, trinkets from Shanty!)

As for supplies, you can pick up nearly everything featured above (except for the homemade cookies) at Michaels. The red and white striped twine can be bought online at Whisker Graphics. I'm pretty sure the ladies over at Shanty could help you fill a few bags with their goods, too. What a great Heart Day gift that would make!

Hop on over here to download our downloadable goodies and cheers to many wonderful heart day gifts. It's never too early to surprise the loves of your life with a little valentine!

Megan, Jennifer and Kirsten

P.S. To see the original post on the hi, friend blog, click here.