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Friday, September 14, 2012

grey loves burgundy

ahhhh fall....do you love it? yes the nights and mornings are colder....and shorts and flip flops are not strung about your room. but are you also starting to eye that cozy sweater or obsess over cute boots? i am!

i love all the fall trends out this season. grey loves burgundy is one we are digging at the shanty.

{love the animal print flats with this.}

{ black makes this look crisp.}

{layered cozy sweaters look cool and casual (my fav)
& taupe/greyish boots are the most versatile color out there. they go with everything! go getchyou some!}

here is a peek of what shanty has in stock to get you the look.

{skinny bootcut by KUT...these make your legs oh so long and slim! add heels or flats.}

{funk up any outfit with this....it just says "cool."}

{moto grey jeggings.}

{wine? burgundy? maroon? it's all the same! 
notice the taupe/greyish color in the sweater? 
see i wasn't kidding...that color goes with everything.}

{quick update. just add tee and jeans}

again, that was just a peek...much more in store!
one more little tidbit...

i am going to do a recap soon on all the fall must-have denim. i couldn't finish this post off without clarifying one of the "musts."  grey is the new black. i know, that is so cliche...but really it is. grey denim comes out every fall...but this time it is the "it jean."  

here are a few more pictures of grey with other combos...

{i heart heart heart this!}

{notice the taupe/greyish boots again? we really need to come up with an official color for it.}

 grey print...yep its here to stay for awhile so rock it!

xoxo, maggie

p.s. if you liked the animal print flats or the burgundy shoes i found some great ones here and here