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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My quest to invest

Shopping local is close to my heart for so many reasons. It hasn't always been that way; I mean, I liked the idea in theory, but I didn't feel it as deeply about it as I do now. Now - I am a bit obsessed.

I wish there was a way to help everyone understand – without being preachy - how important it is to try and shop local. Here’s my attempt.

Shopping local is a beautiful thing - the more we frequent our local stores, the more those stores produce the cash flow to bring in more choices, the happier the customers are and the better those stores do, the more inspiring it is to others to start small businesses to bring even more choices ... not to mention more jobs and money to our town. When you think about it, it can be a win-win for everyone.

I do understand that shopping local can pose certain challenges. If you don’t tend to shop local, I think it’s probably because of these three reasons:

1.      It’s cheaper out there.

2.      A diminished shopping experience.

3.      The unknown.

Let’s break this down.

1.       “It’s cheaper out there.”

 You may have the assumption that shopping local is more expensive, but is this always true? Let me bore you with a some fact and numbers:

·         68% of what you spend locally goes to your town.

·         sales tax is less  here

·         Gas to travel outside of town is expensive

·         Going to the biggie stores tempts you to buy more little extras since you are already out.

·         You will eat one or two meals on your road trip – not to mention buying snacks and coffee.

·         Everything you spend out of town goes hardly anywhere to support and enhance your own community.

Quick Math:
$50 spent on a local item =
$3.80 in taxes (7.6%) back into our community
$25 in retailer profit that goes into paying local employees and paying local bills including utilities, marketing, printing, supplies, etc.( local companies)

Extra retailer profits then hopefully go into other local spending or community donations.

2.       “A diminished shopping experience.”

 Let’s face it – getting out of town is sometimes a much-needed treat. I get it, I really do! I actually fall into this category the most. I love going to downtown Spokane and walking around River Park Square. I love me some Target … I could easily spend hours there. But here’s the thing. I REALLY love Newport and our community, and it’s for this reason that I’ve made it my motto to “Shop Local First!” That doesn’t mean I won’t ever venture out to the big stores in the big towns,but I’m just simply going to look here first. If we have it here, I will make every effort to get it here! I will Shop Local First! Give your local retailers a chance to WOW you!  You may be surprised by all our town has to offer. 

Here are some examples of how I’ve shopped local FIRST:

Last Christmas, I put Shop Local First into practice. Sure, I didn’t get everything here, but I started here and then finished up in Spokane and online. What I discovered is that I could find more here than I thought – and I knew this simply because I made the effort to check.

Back to school, I went to Ben Franklin first. I got all the basics and then some - then finished up in Spokane. Yes it would have been easier to just go to there first, but my $50 at Ben Franklin mattered. And that was important to me.

3.       “The unknown.”

The last reason I think we may not shop local is simply because many are unaware of all the “hidden” gems we have in our town. Try stepping into that store you’ve passed 100 times before but have never stopped to look. After three years I still have people coming into Shanty for the very first time.  I think Who Let the Girls Out has helped to bring awareness to what’s available here. And I love when people remark at how wonderful it is to have all these choices and quality products so close to home.

It is this last point - bringing awareness to what our community has to offer – that has inspired me to start Maggie’s Local Picks.  I love finding great things in our area and I’m excited to spread the word about all Newport and has to offer.  I love to see people surprised that I got it in “little ol Newport.”

I am so very glad you are still reading this. I was just about to conclude.J

As small business owners asking you to support us, shop us, enjoy us, it is even more important that we do the same. A very large number of the people who live here are small business owners. We can not expect our community to make the extra effort to shop with us if we are not going to, in turn, do the same...using the profits we make to put back into our town. We must support each other. 

I hope this has helped, made you think a little differently, or reinforced how you already felt about shopping local. Join me in my mission to Shop Local First!

  • Grab your friend or love and do a shop local day. Go out to lunch, go to your favorite stores and go to ones you have never stepped into. Enjoy the shopping experience. 
  • Check out  the 3/50 project  for another awesome way you can invest in the town you love.
  • Follow/Like ShopNewport Facebook to see Maggie’s Local Picks...I will be searching for those hidden gems for you and you'll also stay in the know of the many great things happening in our area. 
Thanks so much for listening!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY Share


so simple...so easy...what's not to love! To find out how to make this go here.

have fun!

Monday, October 24, 2011

are you ready?!

Who Let the Girls Out? Nov. 5th

An event that is all about the ladies and local shop love!

The Kitchen Shoppe * Shanty Boutique * Just Because * My Sister's Cottage * Sweet Salvage * Into the Garden Up to the Lake * Sharon's Country Store *

Who Let the Girls Out semi annual shop-hop is 2 weeks away!

If you have attended this event before, then you know it is all about having fun and it is all about YOU!

If this is your first time...well...you are in for a treat. At the first shop you will be handed a passport with a map to direct you. Go to each shop, get your passport stamped, enjoy the party (lots of tasty treats), then travel to the next. When you are finished and tuckered out, hand in your passport and you will be entered into a drawing for seven chances to win a $100 gift certificate.

The fall WLTGO is a great time to get a jump start on your Christmas shopping. Bring your list, grab your friends, some comfy shoes and get ready to get your holiday spirit on!

Extra events this year include a chick flick at the Roxy (movie to be announced soon) and a special menu at Michaels to keep your energy up or relax when you are done.

We'll see you soon!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Treat or Treat Weeks!

Stop by between October 15 and October 31 for some Halloween fun!

We're playing a little game, but don't worry, everyone wins! Just reach in our treat bowl during Treat or Treat weeks and the candy you pick will tell us what you win...from 50 cents off coffee to 25% off one item to a bona fide gift card! Now of course every game has to have some rules. Ours is simple. During Treat or Treat Weeks 3 reaches (3 days)is your limit, however you are not limited in how many times you visit...everyday please!

 Come get your treat on with us. It'll be sweet!

Friday, February 11, 2011

70's sophisticate...what i am craving!

like most of you i am ready to shed the winter blahs and clothes. i want spring and all it has to offer...sunshine...blooming colors...and wide leg denim!! yes you heard me WIDE LEG DENIM!! 70's sophisticate is my new obsession! can i tell you how this happen?

i go to market next week for spring and fall buying. so i have been really watching what the trends are and how that will transcend to us. i am certainly not over the top trendy so i really pay attenion when i start craving something. the spring report says the skinny has become such a basic (this means it is NOT going away...more on them later) that the designers had to go the other way to change it up and get a whole new look. skinny to wide...makes sense right? yes wide legs were done a couple of years ago but much more full/slouchy/baggy...sloppy. this season it's a cooler sillouette...slimmer in the upper legs getting fuller just above the knees or lower...with a nice size flare. 70's sophisticate ...WHAT DO YOU THINK?

p.s. hint..hint...hint...THE shoe of the season? check out the pictures...chunky, wood, platform sandals and clogs. Get the clogs and you can wear this fresh spring look right now...BONUS!


Friday, February 4, 2011

GUEST BLOG: Happy Heart Day is almost here!

Hi Shanty-lovers!

My name's Megan Clark and I co-own hifrienddesign.com (You might know us by the cheeky wine bags you've seen at Shanty: 'lush' 'booze hound' and 'you're a hot mess'? Ring a bell?)...but most importantly, I'm a Shanty-lover, too, and have been for years. Maggie and I have been working on the boutique's brand since the beginning. I'm so honored to have been a part of the process and love how it's ever changing and growing.

Anyway. Maggie's asked me to guest blog today, so I have a teaser for you all for Valentine's Day. Myself and Kirsten Nieman of Restored Style worked up a little DIY project that we want to share (My business buddy, Jennifer, would have lent a hand too, but she was off cavorting in New Zealand - lucky duck!). It involves a little printing, cutting, crafting, baking....and then gifting!

Without further ado....

Happy Friday! Since Valentine's Day is around the corner, we've whipped up FREE, downloadable labels. There are five different labels and each can be used in a variety of ways.

 Each download includes instructions, tips and chic cards that double as a gift tag.  
Click, download, print, and craft!
Here are a few ways to use the labels/tags:
Clear Paint Can (complete with stacked cookies/brownies)
Clear/Heart-Patterned Cellophane Bags (filled with candy corn/sweethearts)
Mini Brown Bags (filled with homemade truffles -- or even better, trinkets from Shanty!)

As for supplies, you can pick up nearly everything featured above (except for the homemade cookies) at Michaels. The red and white striped twine can be bought online at Whisker Graphics. I'm pretty sure the ladies over at Shanty could help you fill a few bags with their goods, too. What a great Heart Day gift that would make!

Hop on over here to download our downloadable goodies and cheers to many wonderful heart day gifts. It's never too early to surprise the loves of your life with a little valentine!

Megan, Jennifer and Kirsten

P.S. To see the original post on the hi, friend blog, click here.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clearance Event on Now!

It's your lucky week!
Shanty is hosting it's first Clearance Sale of the year, January 27-30!
This Thursday through Sunday, you'll find already marked-down items at Shanty an additional 30% off. The mark-down doesn't mean the pieces aren't still perfect for the season, or that they won't be just as perfect next year. It just means we've got some fabulous new stuff dropping in and must make room. Hello, spring!

If you're not too swept up by the Clearance prices, spend some time picking up Valentine's Day novelties, too. We have sweet little items for your honey, pals and kiddos. Let them all know you love them with a little something from Shanty.

P.S. We'll also be putting some new stuff on the sale racks.
P.P.S. Hurry in for the best selection.