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Friday, February 11, 2011

70's sophisticate...what i am craving!

like most of you i am ready to shed the winter blahs and clothes. i want spring and all it has to offer...sunshine...blooming colors...and wide leg denim!! yes you heard me WIDE LEG DENIM!! 70's sophisticate is my new obsession! can i tell you how this happen?

i go to market next week for spring and fall buying. so i have been really watching what the trends are and how that will transcend to us. i am certainly not over the top trendy so i really pay attenion when i start craving something. the spring report says the skinny has become such a basic (this means it is NOT going away...more on them later) that the designers had to go the other way to change it up and get a whole new look. skinny to wide...makes sense right? yes wide legs were done a couple of years ago but much more full/slouchy/baggy...sloppy. this season it's a cooler sillouette...slimmer in the upper legs getting fuller just above the knees or lower...with a nice size flare. 70's sophisticate ...WHAT DO YOU THINK?

p.s. hint..hint...hint...THE shoe of the season? check out the pictures...chunky, wood, platform sandals and clogs. Get the clogs and you can wear this fresh spring look right now...BONUS!



  1. So I guess I need to get me a pair of clogs! :)

    Love this style!

  2. lissa~ me too! check out the new UGG Mule Clogs i think they are called vivian?? at Nordies..stinking cute, casual, and easy! miss our chats...

  3. This is one trend I will wear again! This was big when I was in college and felt great at 20. Why not now?

  4. Love these too! They work with my shape=)...and i love the shoes! Have tons of fun at Market!!
    Funky junk Hollie

  5. Have fun at market! Hope to see you one of these days soon, missed you last time I came to your store, it always looks beautiful!

    I'm liking the clogs, and the flare jeans!

    XO Glad

  6. such a cute post. i am going to try.. you convinced me!!

  7. Love this!!!!!! I've been looking everywhere for a good pair, so I know you'll come back with something amazing!!

  8. Wow awesome shoes, they look a lot like the real ones but actually better :) Women Sandals

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