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Monday, March 2, 2015

I am a dreamer

I am Maggie Christie. I’m a dreamer.

 Shanty has always been my “someday dream.” Nine years ago, I moved Newport, WA – a small town with big charm – with the love of my life, David. When a cute little fixer-upper came up for sale on the main road, we snagged it. I knew it would one day be the Shanty. After a few years and two sweet little additions to our family, we decided to take the plunge. With a lot of hard work, we transformed that little house into what is now my dream come true.

When we first opened our doors on July 1, 2009, I didn’t quite know what to expect. But people came, they liked us, and they’ve been showing us love ever since. Shanty is truly everything I envisioned my store being. It's hip and trendy, but also warm and inviting. We are serious about style, but love to have fun along the way. I’ve tried to bring personal touches in everything from the merchandise, to the d├ęcor, to the music we play, to the coffee and treats we serve at our espresso bar.

 What's my style? Well, it’s anything I like. That tends to land mostly in the vintage or industrial categories, but often in many other genres. I'm always looking for just the “just right” things, the unique pieces, those rare gems ... the “somethings” you can't help but love. So let’s just say my style is vintage chic with a hint of eclectic and a dab of something special.

So why go online?

After our customer base grew and news about us spread, friends and family started to encourage me to go online. It seemed like a great way to keep in touch and share our products with the people we were meeting from all over the state and country (and sometimes world!). 

I hope you’ll enjoy perusing our online store for those "somethings" you love. I promise you’ll find something. And I hope that the warmth and friendliness we strive for in our Newport store is translated to this online store in the forms of user-friendliness, a lovely layout, and excellent customer service.

I am so thankful each day to get to pursue my passions, to provide people with things they love, to meet amazing friends from all over the place, to do things that challenge me (and sometimes scare the life out of me), to work with the amazing Shanty girls and go home every night to the sweetest, most supportive little family. I am thankful that I’m living my dream. 

 “Someday dreams” are important. Live as if they are going to happen and just maybe they will.