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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Faces at the Shanty

My dear friends Melanie and Rushelle have been with the Shanty since the beginning. Beginning, meaning in my basement opening up the first boxes of inventory (I believe it was our Voluspa candles). I have been blessed to call them friends. I know without a doubt this last year and a half would not have been nearly as much fun without them. Both are loyal, calm, warm-hearted women and they've been a great balance to my crazy, scattered personality. We have been an amazing team. Melaine is the smarty pants in charge of book stuff (YUCK!) and operations.  Rushelle is the store organizer (cleaning up after my tornado ways) and the assistant buyer (my helper).

Well.....we knew about nine months ago that Melaine was going to leave the Shanty floor when she had her little baby.
Congratulations!! Cora Grace arrived March 31st. Isn't she beautiful?!

Thankfully, Melanie is still staying behind the scenes and doing all that book stuff...plus a secret project we're working on.  So keep your eyes out for her, you may catch a glimpse.

Rushelle....well she left last week to start working at a job she could not turn down..rrrrrrrr. I am terribly sad ...but know truly that change is almost always good. I know I will see her plenty and I have already made her promise to work Who Let the Girls Out?

Rushelle's last day...doing the thing we love to do after we close...yes we've been crying...the smiley pictures we tried for just weren't good at all..

I know you will miss seeing both of them. I think they will miss us too....

So who will be here when you come visit?

A new team I am really excited about! Mackenzie, who has been with us for almost a year now and is turning into a little fashionista. Alex, who started drinking coffee just to be good at making it...you go girl! And Angela, who thought she was only going to be an on-call fill in...but now we have her!
So come see us...we can't wait to see you!