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Friday, September 17, 2010

A Twist of Autumn

Please Come...It will be so much fun!!

Its time to get cozy with fall...ready or not. We are going to have a fabulous party!!

Here is why we think you'll love it...

We will have tons of brand new items for your

find something special to start the nesting season.

 coats and sweaters that may make you a little more excited for the cold...really!


We will be sampling many of our seasonal food items, a perfect time to try them out so you can have them on hand for the next few months of entertaining.

and best of all...


For our Twisted fans this is a great chance to be able to see and purchase from a much larger selection than we have ever had in the store. We will be bringing in almost the entire line for this special event.

For those who are wondering "twisted what??" ...Twisted Silver is our most popular jewelry line. Once you buy one piece you are hooked! It's funky yet classic enough that it will become your go to piece. 

These are mine...
 Phatty bracelet
Tapestry bracelet

by themselves...and together.

What is your favorite??

go to http://www.twisted-silver.com/  to see why we LOVE them so much!
they look even better in hand. Promise.

Lastly, for one final reason to come


for every Twisted piece you purchase you will have a chance to win a pair
of earrings...Twisted of course...cool

See you on the 25th!


  1. Those peek-a-boo tins are awesome!

  2. Love the jacket in the photo and can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.

  3. Oh, you have such Twisted taste!!! The Phatty and the Tapestry bracelets rarely leave my wrist. :) Hope your trunk show was amazing!