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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wishin I Had a Coffee Table in My Kitchen

What is it about cookbooks? Beautiful Cookbooks? I know it's just not me!! How many of you love them...whether you ever make a recipe out of it or not? They inspire us to cook how we would love to if we had time. They accessorize our kitchen showing off our domestic personalities...again whether we actually use it or not. Look at your collection....does it tell your domestic goddess story?

We are receiving so many wonderful cookbooks at the the store that it's hard not to get a little happy with Fall. School starts, schedules start, and we gather around the table a little bit more. We have books for soups, slowcookers, casseroles, and baking everything.

I am loving them all but I am so excited about 2 newly published ones that really are just so great looking. Somewhat rustic...wholesome...made from scratch...earthy....

DIY Delicious
"Recipes and Ideas for Simple Food from Scratch"

for the Urban Farmer at heart....

Make jams, granola, and pickles in a snap. Take your time and make cheeses and yogurt with pure flavor. You can even learn to brew your own rootbeer (and be the coolest mom on the block). Bake breads and crackers to pair with your Fig-Rosemary Jam and Persimmon-Spiced Butter.

Wholesome Kitchen
"delicious recipes with beans, lentils, grains and other natural foods"

This book inspires me to do just that!

Maybe I will try this Carrot & Lenil Dip for the "Twist of Autumn"
Shanty party on the 25th.

Come in and see the great selection. Grab a coffee, sit in our comfy orange chairs and browse them all.
Get Inspired!


  1. I love cookbooks! I actually thought about doing a post about it! you beat me to it. :) I just ordered a new one that i'm really excited about!

  2. love this, mags. i LOVE cookbooks. i need to remember to actually use them for cooking, though. :)

  3. Sounds perfect, coffee, cookbooks, shanty!!

  4. Maggie, I always find a cookbook at your store. Love browsing and it was really nice to see you today! I really like your blog and will keep an eye on it.