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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall Is Falling onto the Shanty

We've been getting so many great things in to cozy up your home for fall. Here is a little tour around the store....just a little.....
Archipelago Candle Paramour, a blend of pomegranate, papaya and Mango, smells sooooo good!
I love this bird cage! I think it would be a great table center piece and can be changed for different seasons. Imagine white pumpkins in it for fall, and vintage antique glass ornaments for Christmas.
Numbered ANYTHING is the trend in home decor right now. These votives are so cool. You can grab a random number that speaks to you or pick one that means something...like a special date.
See...numbers again!! Your address maybe? Put these on your windowsill with some Rosemary.

We have new styles of aprons just right for making that big pot of soup...yummmmm!

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  1. Just wanted to say I can't wait to head over that direction! Love your stuff! See ya at The Mad Hatter!