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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shanty is Turning 1

We did it!! We made it!!! and we owe it all to you. We turn 1 Wednesday July 1st. We want to thank you so we are throwing you a party. Come celebrate with us. All day we are going to have 16 oz coffee drinks for $1.50. Complimentary treats...cupcakes anyone?? A gift with purchase....yes every purchase (excluding the coffee drinks) you will get a present from us. I think you'll love it too.

Then after 4 we are having a Garden Party with yummy tidbits and WINE. If you have ever been to our other events, Shanty After Hours or Who Let the Girls Out you know how we like to throw a party....if not this is your chance!!

There is one more way to enjoy our day with us, especially if you can't make it to the party (but we sure hope you are). We have started this blog so that our customers, friends and family can check in on us, communicate with us, see whats new, see whats great, see what inspires us and just enjoy this journey with us. If you comment at the end of this blog entry (see note below) you will be entered into a fabulous drawing for a fantastic basket of gifts. Any comment will do. You could tell us about your favorite Shanty purchase, memory, thoughts, suggestions (things you'd like to see in the next year) or you could just leave your name. We will put it in a drawing and announce the winner after the party. So COMMENT away and we will see you on the 1st!!

**NOTE A Blog is a online journal. Many businesses use them because it such a user friendly way to be able to be online showing new products, inspirations and communicating with their customers and other business owners on a more personal level. I really love looking at other peoples blogs, some of my favorites are listed ...look on the right side at "links we love". Check out a few....there are some amazingly creative people out there. To comment on my blog you just 1.click on COMMENTS at the bottom of the blog post...it will ask you what your profile is 2. pick "anonymous" unless you have a gmail account or blogger account? 3. Fill out the Comment Box and be sure to leave your First and Last Name in the comment so I know who you are. 4.click "post comment" If you find at some point you like the "Blogging World" and you like checking in on us regularly and found other favorite blog sites you may find out about being a follower....simple....For the record I am not a techo girl...this is all very simple and fun!!


  1. I love the Shanty. I have a baby gift and birthday gift to get so I'm heading there tomorrow.


  2. Wow I can't believe it has been a year. My favorite purchase was my LA Made white TEE. Loved it! Cindi Barns

  3. Too hard to pick ONE favorite Shanty items so here are a few:
    My THREE pairs of STS jeans
    African Jasmine Body Lotion
    Voluspa candles
    Butterfly wall art

  4. Oh yeah, and my black and white Nick and Mo sweater coat!! Okay, I'm done now. :)

  5. I wear my little gray sweater dress ALL THE TIME.
    Maggie's the best personal shopper! XOXO - Megan C.

  6. I LOVE all the beautiful gifts I have received from the Shanty! I wish you had a store in the Seattle area or online so I could shop there more often!! Congrats on 1 year!

  7. Maggie!! What a great dreamer you are! Shanty is wonderful. I love going and find super things everytime I go!! Keep up the great job!

  8. I love everything that I get from the Shanty! The coffee is amazing. I am so glad that you guys are making it. Definitely my fave place in Newport.

  9. I love your boutique! Thanks for providing super cute gifts! Will definitely be back and hope your celebration party was a big hit!

  10. Maggie,
    You are so creative, congatulations! There should be a Shanty in every town in America.