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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You might want to sit down for this.

Yep, we finally did it. We whispered about it a little bit ago … “we have opened our online store.” But now we are ready to shout!  WE HAVE OPENED OUR ONLINE STORE!” 
Why, oh why, has it taken us so long to shout?
I’m sure you know this feeling: You move into a new house and are so excited about its possibilities. It’s potential. Its ability to be whatever it is you created it to be in your head. You can’t wait to have people over for a party, but you hesitate because the boxes aren’t all unpacked and everything isn’t quite in its place yet. You know it’s pretty great as it is, but there’s a standard you want to meet to make it YOUR style. When people do start stopping by and complimenting you on your new digs, instead of just saying, “Thank you”, you say, “Thanks, but…we still need to fix this and re-do that.” You say, “It’s good, but it’s not there yet.”
That’s how I feel now. I’m so excited to invite you all into our online boutique but have hesitated because it’s not perfect. But that’s no reason to keep it hidden and keep you away from all the Shanty online shopping fun any longer. We can’t wait another minute to throw our party!
So enough! Here. It. Is.
See why we told you to take a seat first? Now that you're in front of your computer (or iPad or mobile phone), what are you waiting for? Get your shop on(line), stat!


We have two immediate goals for our online shop:
·      That it truly represents the Shanty you love. We want it to seem just as special as being in the store. This will be our biggest challenge, but we are working hard on it!
·      Improve our stock levels so you can grab the things you love all the time – right away.
Special thanks to:
Megan Clark of Clark& Co., for her graphic design beauty and online shop advice.
Matt Johnson at Twisted Industries, our web programmer, for his mad skills and never-ending patience with those of us who technically-challenged.

Lisa Cruse, for her photography and patience with me wanting to get it visually perfect.

Melanie here at Shanty, for the hours of uploading products, doing a ton of research and a trillion other things.


With love and excitement,
Maggie Christie

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