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Saturday, February 16, 2013

just scarf it!

scarves....most of us love them...but we don't all know how to wear them. you know...in the effortlessly, cool way we admire others wearing them. we see instructions of them on pinterest and books but have you taken the time to actually do it? i finally decided it was time. i looked, practiced and tried some new ones and was so surprised at the scarf creator in me i discovered! here are some of my favorites!!
don't procrastinate....go grab a scarf before you watch...might as well!!
when doing "mistakes" on this one is when i realized anything works and just play with it! 

there are a lot of videos out there. this is my FAVORITE!! and i really like her other tutorials so you may see wendy hanging around for awhile!
this one is beautiful...and simple. two scarves tied together on each end to make a HUGE loop (think HUGE infinity scarf) then loop it around you. this one would be best with thinner scarves so it's not too bulky. notice how it's not really around the neck to much? perfect for people who struggle with "scarf suffication"
excuse the "not my favorite" picture...this is the easiest, newest way i have been wearing mine. it's so close to one of the most traditional ways with just a little tweak....and this tweak helps with "scarf bulk" neck. instead of putting both thru the loop (step 3) you just put 1 thru then take loop and twist like a"figure 8" then put other oher one thru.
this one like the first taught me thru mistakes that you can really do your own thing. i also learned from this that just putting a knot in your scarf somewhere while wrapping it around you can add some great visual interest.
i hope you try at least one of these and when someone says "wow i love how you did your scarf" you can say in your "effortlessly cool voice "oh this?" ....(and then show them)
xoxo, maggie


  1. It's so nice to see you blogging again, we have missed you...Cel and I were just talking about you and The Shanty...planning to take a trip up to Newport soon! Love, love, LoVe the scarf photos!!

    Glad & Celia

  2. thanks girls!! let me know when you are coming this way! would be so fun to catch up!