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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tokyo Milk...In the Press and at the Shanty

Tokyo Milk bath and body `objects of desire` is everywhere in the press and now you can find it here. I love it! The line includes thier sought after perfumes along with soaps, candles, lip balms and bubble bath. The scents have a vintage vibe that has you asking “what does this remind me of….” The packaging is beautiful along with being edgy cool. It is the perfect little gift….but definitely puts you in the “one for them and one for me?” dilemma.

Dead Sexy #6 (google it…it’s all the rage) is the #1 scent and is made up of Deep Vanilla, Exotic Wood, White Orchid and Ebony. We have it in the perfum, bubble bath and candle. Sorry about the pictures...Im trying to be mystereous...haha

Cherry Bomb and Gin & Roses

Lip Balm
Cute huh? You can't tell but there is glitter on the pictures!

This was my first personal Tokyo Milk purchase that made me say "Shanty has to have it!"


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  1. I have always wanted to try these products! Now I have the perfect excuse. The packaging is so pretty!