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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back from Vegas with the Scoop!

We're back home and have lots to report!

First, we had some technical difficulties after the first night there, so I was not able to blog every night as I had intended. Sorry for leaving you hanging on the Top 10 Report . . . but we have it now, and it's good!

Second, thank you for all your comments and advice. We listened. We had a lot of requests for more generous fits. It's something we have heard in the store too. We agree! It's something we really want to work on going forward. Now that we've expanded our clothing area (don't worry our home and gifts are not going anywhere), we'll be able to better accommodate more fits.

So let's get started!!!

Here's what we've learned!

Top 10 MUST Haves 2010 Spring and Fall.

Edgy, Urban
The Leather Bomber Jacket
Motorcycle (patches on knee) Pants
Grey, Black and Acid Wash, Skinny and Straight Denim

Bring it home factor
We loved this look. Shanty will be passing on the acid wash denim, but will bring some acid wash tees in to claim the trend a bit.  We also think you could conservatively do this with the bomber jacket, grey or black bootcut denim or trouser, a white tee and some silver jewelry. Cute!

Black Leggings in all sorts of  colors and tonal prints
 Leggings +Jeans = Jeggings

Bring it home factor
Leggings are here to stay for awhile so let's get comfortable!
If you have been nervous to wear them or they take you to a year you thought you weren't going to go back to OR you just plain don't think you should here are some helpful thoughts ... then you decide.
Leggings on most of us should be worn as if they are tights (meaning bottoms covered) not like the runway models wearing them as pants. Stick with black ones to start your venture, a cute tunic top and some boots. If you feel frumpy in that, then try putting a belt around your tunic and throwing on a cardigan.  
The Jeggings are nice to have because they are a heavier knit and may feel a little more flattering. Some Jeggings have faux stitching to show pockets and some will just be plain. We will have both. They'll be nice for summer even with a big White Tee (Key Item #8) and sandals.
FYI - We are bringing in some great tunics for spring and summer!

White, Denim and Prints

Bring it home factor
Comfy!! Again great with leggings. We love the denim and white. Easy to wear. Use a belt to add some shape. I think these will be nice to throw over our swimsuits and jump in the boat too! 

FYI - We have denim and white coming.

Solids and Prints

Bring it home factor
Cardigans are easy. We love them. They are a forever trend. Definitely invest in a slouchy or boyfriend silhouette. Again works well with tunics, leggings and skinnys. A lightweight slouchy cardigan is a great look for lakeside living.
FYI - of course we have those coming.


Bring it home factor
Okay so obviously ... well maybe not obviously ... we don't see you all walking around with our bustiers on the outside your tee's but we do love using the lingerie details. Satin and silk blouses that look really feminine and sexy with dark denim and sandals for going out. Try it with slouchy boyfriend jeans for a funky, hip look.

FYI Could not stop buying blouses ... ruffly ... floral ... nude tones .... there has to one you'll love.

Carrot Top Pants
Boyfriend Trousers

Bring it home factor
We are still not sold on pleats ... and certainly not the carrot top (someone please remind me of this if you see it here EVER! Sometimes things grow on you if you're subjected to them long enough YIKES!)
However, we do think this works again with the boyfriend jeans and twill and cargo pants. This would be a great time to have an excuse to buy a pair of khakis in the next size up. Also if you are one of those lucky gals that has been sticking to your getting fit New Years Resolution and have that pair in your closet that are too big because of it ... you have been rewarded! Here's the must though...ROLL THEM UP ... and do it sloppy!!

FYI - Boyfriend jeans coming!

Picture says it all

Bring it home factor
Please don't ... I don't know what else to say .. sometimes do you think they are just running out of ideas?

FYI ... Pass

Bring it home factor
This is an easy one. Easy to do ... easy to wear....goes with everything Spring ... shorts, denim,
lounge pants, and leggings. Some look great by themselves with their "oops I'm falling off the shoulder look" and some are great paired with a fitted tee underneath.

FYI - On their way! One for me ... one for you ...

Lacey pieces
Laces details

Bring it home factor
This is similar to #5 in bringing it home. Dress it up or funk it up ... you choose. Having a lace top in your wardrobe will give you lots of options. In addition you'll have it for the Fall, where it will continue to be a big trend.

FYI - We have some really pretty camis and tube bras in lace that will be great for layering.

Bondage like details

Bring it home factor
Honestly I just don't know what to say about this one. It's fine ... I just don't see if for us ... if your heading for New York though ... grab it!

So there it is. Now you know what I know.

I will be posting again on some of our adventures we had, things we saw and other helpful tidbits. We even got a glimpse of spring 2011!! Can you believe they know that?!

Again, thank you for all your comments and ideas. It helps so much to know what you would like to see. Unfortunately some comments do not have names in them. If one of those are yours, PLEASE post another with you name and email IN the comment body so I can put you in the drawing. I will do the drawing at the end of this week to give those people some time.


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