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Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Story of the Dressing Room Shoes

If you've been in our dressing room, you've surely seen them. Maybe you even secretly put them on....what pair of pants doesn't look better with six more inches of leg!

These shoes are a symbol of a dream I had long before I knew it could be a reality.

Five years ago, when the Shanty was just a "someday dream," David and I were heading back from a long weekend of camping by Lake Chelan. One of the little towns we were going through had THE sign - "Flea Market Ahead." Well, David knows...if I see it, I must stop. He usually likes poking around himself, but this time he waited in the car. I'm pretty fast at these things. It either jumps out at me or not. This particular flea market wasn't anything to write home about, but as any Finder knows, there is almost always something that can't be passed up. I found a few things...not sure now what they were...but they were the reason I had to go to the cash out area. And that is were I found them. THE SHOES!...underneath a table, thrown about. I grabbed them. I knew. The cashier asked "you want those?" YES! $1.00!SOLD!

When I got back to David to show him my finds, he looked at the shoes and said "What?" I said "Someday these will be in my dressing room" Someday...

Five years later as I was putting the last of Shanty together, David brought in a load of boxes. In one of the boxes he had found the shoes."Remember," he said "For the dressing room."

Someday Dreams are important. Live as if they are going to happen and just maybe they will.


  1. What an inspiring story. I'll never look at those funky things the same way. LOVE IT. Love Shanty. - Megan

  2. Maggie you are an inspiration. Thanks for having this dream because now we all have a perfect place to shop!

  3. I have always loved those crazy shoes, they bring a level of lightheartedness to that little room that just makes you have to smile when you look at them.

  4. My Dear, Maggie -
    I love having a dreaming friend!! You are an inspiration to those of us who have temporarily forgotten how or buried our dreams. I love knowing someone who just says, "why not!? and then does it.
    It was good to finlly see your "Shanty Baby." She is beautiful and perfect and I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!