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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shanty After Hours Highlights

Last night we hosted our second Shanty After Hours. We had a fabulous time staying open later, chatting with Shanty friends, and meeting some new ones.

The hit of the party was our well loved GRACE hats. We had just received our first Spring order that morning. Our hat lovers know that we only get a limited amount of each style to ensure each person will have something really special. And WOW do they ever sell out fast! We all know hats are great for a bad hair day...but have you learned the secret of wearing a cool hat to be perfectly stylish when you're in a hurry? No matter what your rush, you always have time to plop on a hat, add mascara, lip gloss and you are chic and out the door. Try it. Its invigorating. Our next shipment will be soon....

We also served some tasty wines and fantastic food. Favorite wines included a California White Table Wine, Menage a Trios, and Ste. Chapelle Soft Red Wine. Both can be purchased at the Kitchen Shoppe. We loved featuring some of our amazing food lines. Dulcet Cuisine - condiments and spices you can use to WOW your friends, and Sticky Fingers Lemon Curd - like tasting a little bite of sunshine in your mouth.

These events are so much fun that we are going to try to make them a monthly tradition. If you didn't make it for this After Hours keep a look-out for the next one in June. Check our blog regularly for Updates and New Happenings.

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  1. Be sure to let us know when your next "After Hours" is. This sounds like so much fun. I want one of those hats!!