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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Change IS good. And hard. But GOOD!
We have news! It’s good and bad. Which one do you want to hear first?
Let's start with the good. That always makes the bad seem not so bad, right?!
So ...
We are adding 100 square feet to the Shanty! Yes, we are giving you more space to shop and bringing in products we've never been able to bring in before. This is beyond exciting! More room means even MORE Shanty to love. We can't wait to show you what we have in store for you!  
Now …. for the downside. To make room for this fabulous added space, we're taking down our beloved coffee area. I know, I know ... we'll miss it, too. But we believe it's the right thing to do.
Here’s why.
Looking at it from a simple business perspective - it's a no brainer. Our little shop is small. The coffee area takes up 1/4 of our space and should, realistically, be bringing in 1/4 of the business. The truth is, it's not pulling its weight and hasn't been for a long time. But we kept it in for other reasons that were very important to us. WE LOVE OUR COFFEE CUSTOMERS. We LOVE how our coffee has been a great excuse for people to stop in the store and say hi.  We know that taking out the coffee might mean that we see some of you much less, and that is really what makes this difficult ... because you are our treasured friends. I have been wrestling with this decision for quite some time. I think I’ve known this whole summer that it was time to say goodbye to the coffee, but it has been so hard to officially pull the plug. And you – our wonderful Shanty coffee customers - are the reason why.
But, after careful consideration, we decided to embrace the change knowing that this one brings with it so many exciting and endless possibilities to make your shopping experience even better. I'm dedicating myself to making this new, extra 100 square feet of the Shanty so fabulous, you might not even miss our delicious coffee. You have been so good to us -- I am thrilled to be able to give you more variety, more trends, more gifts and MORE of everything you love.
Changes are a comin’. Demo starts THIS weekend. Let's do this! We want to have the new space ready for you in time for Who Let the Girls out on Nov. 5. What a perfect time to unveil our new look!
Wondering what do you with your halfway completely punch card? Turn it in for 10 percent off one item. Yep, that punch card is now a coupon!
Oh, and do you love FREE COFFEE? While it may not be foamy, frothy lattes you’re accustomed to, we are happy to offer you Pod Coffee and teas with an awesome array of creamers – ON THE HOUSE. No purchase necessary!
Lastly, and most importantly, thank YOU for your unwavering support and business. We sincerely believe these changes will be good for the Shanty, which means they will be good for YOU - our customers and friends.  And that makes it ALL worth it.
Cheers to change!
xoxo, Maggie
P.S. If you're in the market for some great coffee equipment, please inquire within. No seriously, this stuff is good. Our loss is your gain. I could write a another long letter on "someone needs to open a coffee shop!!"...but I wont.
P.S.S. I haven't used this blog in quite awhile. Yikes!! I just realized the last post was introducing the opening of our online store! We did a PAUSE on that but working to get it back on track...just FYI.