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Friday, November 1, 2013

Holiday 2013...it's on!!

It started out Sunday night officially...the first of the many crazy days ahead! Kailey, Kellie, Melanie and Mo were "Team Elves" for the big floor move....aka Holiday Season.  Well as you can see we were very serious!

No matter how much planning, until we get in there and start moving we are never sure exactly were things are going....especially the big heavy display pieces....hubby really loves that about me (insert sarcasm with a smile). Also, without fail there is a good chunk of time no one is sure I am going to get it together...including myself. Then again, without fail, it magically appears. Here is a teeny weeny sneak peek!

Thanks girls you rocked it!

Come in and get your Holiday On....only 7 weeks till the big day!

See you soon~Maggie