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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

oh red twine the places we could go...


red bakers twine...and kraft paper.....its just so easy! check out all your options!
 dollies are so versitile...i make snowflakes out of them too!

overlap on top of ribbon

dollies and stamps....any stamp will do! a word, a picture, an initial

so pretty with plain white paper...
look at that...it looks good with printed paper too!
and wrapping is just the begining....look what else you can do
my kiddos are using it to hang thier homemade ornaments

just add office supply tag and it just looks even better

are those recycled yogurt smoothie bottles?? cute! we have the red straws at the shanty too...FYI

hot toddy anyone?
for the obvious....baker twine...it does make your food gift tast better...i bet
are you inspired now?


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