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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thank You Oprah!

We made the list!! We have something Oprah loves. Better yet, we loved it first!! Oprah isn't the only one who has noticed either. This sweet item has been in People's StyleWatch and Marie Claire too. A few of my customers purchased it in the Fall/Winter and they are stopped frequently and asked "where did you get that!!" It was sold out but is now making a comeback for Spring in new colors. Do you want one already? Here she is.....                                                  The Mia Purse

available in cream/ pink /grey/ brown.

ahhh.....did someone say spring?

Special Order yours today. 509.447.3160

Thanks Megan!


  1. I got this bag at the Shanty and I get complimented on it all the time. It's not only pretty, but it's really functional, too. It's very roomy without looking big and bulky. One of my favorite purchases! Is the pink new? That is too cute!! Nisha

  2. LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! Way to be on top of it and beat Oprah to the punch!

  3. I got it in grey and people really do stop me all the time and ask where I got it, super comfy and not too heavy for a big bag.