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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Make Cake

Melissa Gray is a National Public Radio (NPR) employee and  author of a brand new cookbook, All Cakes Considered.  Since noboby looks forward to the start of the work week, Melissa had the great idea to bake a cake every Monday for her co-workers.

Her mama used to say “cake brings people together.” She wasn’t a pro, she just wanted to make cake. So she tried many recipes, from her grandma's to Paula Deen’s. After a year of  tweaking and perfecting, she put the company's favorites in this book.

Wouldn't this be a great gift?...add one of our cute vintage style aprons with this and someone is going to squeel with delight!

I loved the cover so much I took it home just to make my kitchen look cool. Instead something else happened…. I don’t know if it was because the kids were being perfect, the house had miraculously stayed clean from the day before or my head was, for the moment, clear of all the “to-dos.” But I decided MAKE CAKE!

After choosing the recipe on page 122, Paula Deen’s Grandgirl’s Apple Fresh Apple Cake from Georgia, I got Caden and Norah in their aprons, my Kitchen Aid Mixer out of the closet (dusted it off) and we got busy. We were measuring, chopping, mixing, and giggling.  It was so much fun!

When David came home the house smelled delicious, the kids were happy….and there was a beautiful cake sitting on the counter.  If he didn’t see the kids he probably would have thought he was at the wrong house.

It was the perfect day!

I have since made this cake three times: Thanksgiving, Black Friday at the Shanty and for a friend. It is so so good. It's rustic looking, yet insanely moist. Everyone loves it and wants the recipe. Click here to get it, or come get the whole book and see how many other great recipes there are. I think I am going to try "The Man Catcher Sour Cream Pound Cake" next….not because I need to catch my husband....but boy, if he liked the Apple Cake……..

Moral of this Blog? Go go make cake!! Cake makes people happy!!

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