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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trellis Open House

I had the most fun Friday. My dear friend Jen, (I’ll write so much more about her later) along with Darcee, Sonia, Judy and Connie, own a great shop in the Spokane Valley called the Trellis MarketPlace. The gals each have individual businesses within the Trellis and each fills a niche from Chic to Traditional home decor, Garden to Kitchen, Stationary to Jewelry and even Children’s .

They were having their annual Christmas Open House on Friday and Saturday, and had closed down for three days to get ready for it. WOW did it look great! Friday I went to help out…and shop.

Jen owns Robin Egg Blu, which is gorgeous…..it is French Country, it is feminine, it is soft…..oooo it is so magical.

Could this not be a postcard?

Robin Egg Blu carries Lollitta exclusively

Jen makes these bottles...they are beautiful

Jen also owns Nest...the kitchen shoppe.....yummy samples

this wise ol owl has a new home....my bookcase

wish I had these when my sweet Norah was itty bitty

If you have not been to the Trellis yet be sure to check it out...and Thank You ladies for leting me hang out with you!

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  1. Love seeing these pictures and finally getting a glimpse at Jen's store! I need to go there!!